Fulfillment Policy

  • Riide Bikes are not shipped to individual addresses but instead handed off in person at scheduled events located in your city of employment
  • In order to collect your Riide Bike you will be required to attend the hand off event
  • You will receive notification of the scheduled event via email at least one week prior to its occurrence
  • Pre-order payment is fully refundable should you decide to cancel prior to collecting your Riide Bike
  • To receive a refund send an email request with your order number to support@riide.com
  • After collecting your Riide Bike you have 7 days to return the vehicle for a refund of your pre-order and first months subscription fee should you decide it does not meet your expectations
  • After the 7 day trial period you are committed to a six month subscription
  • Should you opt out of the subscription prior to reaching 9 months you will be responsible for payment of the remainder of monthly subscription fees