Riide everywhere.

Go further and flatten hills. Sweating optional.
Be superhuman with electric power on demand. 20 mph. 25 mile range. Theft insurance included.

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Your Everyday Transportation

Experience the freedom to get where you need to go without traffic, parking, or congestion. Venture further, flatten hills, and love getting there on your Riide electric bike.


40% lighter than the average electric bike, Riide is light enough to pedal and easy to maneuver and store.

Dress for work

Get there, don't sweat there. Riide allows you to wear what you want and get where you're going without having to shower or change.


We engineered an electric bike you can count on. A beautifully simple design. If you know how to ride a bike, you know how to riide. Just get on, twist the throttle, and go.

Dress for work

Get there, don't sweat there. Riide allows you to wear what you want and get where you're going without having to shower or change.

How to get your riide

Love your commute

Getting there is the best part

RiidePass: Ownership, Simplified.

The first of its kind, RiidePass is a new way to riide. Unlimited maintenance, theft insurance, and a lock come with every bike. Enjoy worry-free ownership for less than a monthly metro pass.

  • $79
    per month

    • Your own Riide electric bike
    • Theft Insurance
    • Charger and lock
    • Unlimited maintenance (DC + SF only)
    • Fine print
    • $299 down
    • 12 month commitment
    • Own it forever after 2 years or upgrade to the latest model for free
    Get Your Riide
  • Driving

    per month

    Nobody likes driving in a city. Traffic, parking, and tickets make driving expensive and inconvenient.

  • Bus & Subway

    per month

    You are beholden to public transit schedules, crowds, accidents, and delays.

  • Taxi / Rideshare

    per month

    Multiple trips and surge pricing can really add up. Not to mention you still end up sitting in traffic.

Total cost of ownership after 24 months of RiidePass is $2195. Riide bike
available for a one-time cost of $1999. View the terms and conditions here.

See how we built a better riide

See how it's made

Every bike hand built

A Better Bike, Inside and Out

The Riide electric bike was designed from the ground up to be reliable and virtually maintenance-free. We obsessed over every detail, selecting the highest quality components, and assembling each bike by hand to deliver a world class riide.

  • 25
    mile range

    Lasts all day (and night). The 36V 9ah lithium-ion battery has a 25 mile range—and it’s a bike, so you can use the pedals too.

  • 20
    mph top speed

    Pedal, twist the throttle, or do both at once. Go 20 mph with Riide’s power-on-demand throttle or pedal to go even faster.

  • 2-3
    hours to charge

    The Riide electric bike can be charged in any standard wall outlet in 2-3 hours. More riiding, less charging.

  • 40
    lbs light

    At just 40 pounds Riide is one of the lightest ebikes ever created. Riide it by twisting the throttle or pedal like a traditional bike.


Riide is equipped with 160 mm mechanical disc brakes,
the same kind used in motorcycles and cars.


The controller is the brains of the bike and communicates with the battery,
motor, and throttle to regulate speed and provide a smooth riiding experience.


Riide’s world class motor packs enough power to flatten almost
any hill, is compact, and virtually silent.


Riide’s integrated battery gives it a stealth look and keeps the
weight evenly distributed for a natural feeling riide.


Make flat tires a thing of the past. Riide is equipped with Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires designed specifically for electric bikes.

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